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America is on the path of destruction and nothing can stop it

Like you, I have witnessed these days the unfortunate events in the US, the so called homeland of democracy and freedom, the world guarantor of stability. Due to the fact that I lurk through all kinds of communities on all kinds of platforms allowed me to make a first-hand picture of the events there, unfiltered by media or social media censorship, and what I saw shocked me. I was not shocked by the attacks of african-americans or their racism or vandalism reminiscent of South Africa, it’s not really new to the US. I was shocked instead by the behavior of white people, you know, the city people, educated and cultured people, with good jobs, with instagram and twitter accounts that gave in to destruction and encouraged it, it scared me how much they hate themselves, and how brainwashed they were to the point they absolutely hate their own culture and themselves. And only now have I realized why. These people have nothing. They don’t have a community, they don’t have a place to call home. They’re probably renting or taking out a loan. They are not small entrepreneurs or small businessmen, otherwise they probably would have been in the streets to defend their business. They are not invested with anything material. They probably don’t have a family to protect, in addition they are used to break up and find other partners with ease. For those who can’t find partners, there is always onlyfans or some e-girl to give them the girlfriend experience (for a sum of money).

So what does the word community even mean to them? Nothing. A bunch of buildings that belong to corporations or the government. Why would you defend yourself against the literally racist attacks of african-americans? There is no race. Race is a construct bro (not if you’re white though). All sorts of embarrassing scenes took place these days, from cops kneeling in front of looters/protesters, to whites who chained themselves as penance for sins they had never committed, to everyone’s virtue signalling on social media, individuals and corporations alike, people who raise money for BLM, a racialist organization, to release from prison those who vandalized and looted. Meanwhile, on TV, those those declared responsible for the violence were Russians, supremacists, Trump, republicans, absolutely anyone except those on the streets. On the internet, things have gone completely crazy, genuine republicans posting black squares and #BlackoutThuesday on social media for fear of being called racists or facing the risk to lose jobs or connections.

If you have the impression that something will change for the better as a result of these events, you did not pay attention to the other times when people died under the brutality of the police, riots broke out and nothing changed.

If you think Trump will win the election and restore order, you are deluded. Trump, Biden, Tooth Fairy, no one can fix the problems of a society caught in the death drive. No amount of white guilt, political activism or pandering will change the inevitable outcome, the slow descent into chaos of the society.

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