Phaedrus and the Priests of Fluid Ontology

The following lines are an accurate re-telling of a dream I had in January 2021. Nothing’s made up or embellished, all except for the character names which have been replaced with ones that, I believe, are more evocative.


Dr. Phaedrus was all over Youtube. His lectures on his peculiar Neo-Platonic thought were spreading exponentially, and still he had the common sense to promote real life meetings over impersonal online interactions. Large crowds were gathering in Hyde Park to listen to his free talks on various issues, and I was always there to hear him speak. I was generally favourable towards his ideas, although still not an adept. Certain aspects of his philosophy were over the top; he and his wife had 13 or 14 children of various ages and some of his actions were too eccentric for my tastes.

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The Breadtube’s Struggle against Cultural Christians

Mocking ‘cultural Christians’ and ‘Postmodern Conservatives’ is all the rage among the bien pensant left. The low-key complaints ring true only to the most superficial hearing. ‘Hey maaan, these guys don’t really believe in God or Christianity, they just want to belong to a cultural or religious ethos. That’s, like, inauthentic! It’s like… this pseudo-religion will do more harm to Christianity than atheism and cultural critics ever did!

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