The sense of betrayal – why dissidents must stop being ‘anti-Establishment’

You may have heard the late sir Roger Scruton recall his experience of the soixante-huitard riots while he had been a student in Paris. The destructiveness of his fellow colleagues, their righteous indignation, the shallowness and irrationality of their anger produced such an impression on Roger, that he knew right then he wanted nothing to do with anything these pampered narcissists stood for, and decided he would oppose them in any way he could.

I had a very similar journey away from liberalism and the fashionable strands of thoughts forming the contemporary consensus. If you are a dissident of any kind, you certainly have your own tale to tell. A deep sense of betrayal is what unifies

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The Symbolic World vs. Fluid Ontology

As many have pointed out, today’s right wing movements are far from unified or ideologically coherent. The only thing that unites them is their unrelenting opposition to the Social Justice Progressive movement, who despite its internal inconsistencies, seems to have formed a stable structure, claiming numerous victories over the past century. When seeking to define the right

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The techno-god of childhood regression

And promise “pie” not of the sky, but lying in the mud

You may have noticed that in traditional Christianity, churches and parishes are dedicated to patron saints whose name is always accompanied by one or several attributes. This is echoed by pre-Christian descriptions of gods, who were always referenced obliquely by

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