A Cure for Wellness (2016) – Matters of Purity

Finally, being ‘on the right side of history’ does not fix the problem of the so called ur-fascism lurking in the dark; progressives, liberals and socialists of all stripes are guilty of the same instrumentalisation of moral intuitions (purity excluded, admittedly) for the ultimate goal of self-deification. The film thus ends on a disappointing note, one too familiar for our contemporary culture – that of endless denounciation and cynicism; the messed up Lockhart fails to find a cure for his ailments, but simply by escaping the predatory Uber-Swiss blond beasts he somehow is ‘liberated’ of somthing bad, and it is implied that in the end he gets Hannah for himself; both having gotten rid of their tyrannical Patriarchs (Hannah by direct murder, like a good third waver), both free to roam the earth, follow their appetites and maybe become involved romantically, or simply fucking off to wherever their emotivist adventure will lead them next.

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Vita Sackville’s Debauchery was Stunning and Brave

For those involved in the culture wars, LGBTQ issues, debates on gender, pro or anti abortion positions and other such controversies seem to be of crucial importance. The turbulence caused by activists on either side has been so profound, it became part of the cultural divide, surfacing even in the last USA presidential elections.

Centrists always regarded polarisation on these issues to be a ‘red herring’, a false problem whose purpose is to divide and demoralise society so that one group or another would gain political power.

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