II. Tonight, Tonight – Polyphemus

found myself near a huge Ash tree in the middle of a green meadow; about 50 yards away I noticed a large multitude running in a state of violence and horror. I then witnessed a series of large bangs that shook the earth like quakes. I realised the multitude of humans were being squeezed by a huge cyclops, a one-eyed giant like Polyphemus.

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Tonight, Tonight

Hooded stranger: ‘From this lofty keep I could nightly look out upon the city and its constant mutations. A different city every night. Yes, the city is indeed also a vessel. And it’s one that obediently takes the shape of very strange contents. The Great Chemists are working out unfathomable formulae down there. Look at those lights outlining the different venues and avenues below. Look at their lines and interconnections. They’re like a skeleton of something… the skeleton of a dream, the hidden framework ready at any moment to shift its structure to support a new shape. The Great Chemists are always dreaming new things and risking that they may wake up while doing so. Should that ever happen you can be assured there will be hell to pay.’

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Annihilation (2018) – Lovecraft meets Nietzsche

I recently watched ‘Annihilation’ on Netflix. I don’t think I exaggerate by calling it one of the best Horror SciFi films of the past 30 years.

Humanity is confronted with the apparition of an alien life force which settles its base inside a lighthouse on the sea shore, from there growing slowly like a cancer that will eventually swallow the entire planet. A paramilitary team is sent to investigate the area (‘the shimmer’). Contact is lost. The only survivor, Kane, returns a year later. He has internal bleeding and seems completely amnesic. A new team is sent to the shimmer, composed of women scientists, including Kane’s wife, Lena (Natalie Portman).

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