Map of Heaven – a measured reaction

ST is one of the wisest people in the Reactosphere. His channel is hugely underrated and every video stretches your mental abilities to their absolute limit. ST recently declared that he no longer considers himself part of the DR, and after watching his latest video (Map of Heaven), I think I understand why.

I too am disappointed with the online dissident right. Still, the following thoughts are an attempt to capture the essence of what it means to be reactionary and why I still think that progressive theology is a trojan horse that has to be resisted at all cost.

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Redeeming Religion

There is a problem with “garments of skin”, and religion is a garment, garments are dead and if you rely solely on them, you die. But this is the human condition, he have to use garments, we cannot live in the open, we need the animal skins to cover our nakedness. However these can be transformed [turn death into glory], technology included (another garment). In the book of Revelation the New Jerusalem is not a return to a garden where we are naked, but a garden in the center of a city, so the turning to glory of a dead garment, the city, also keeping the living core.

The purpose of the Cross is not to deconstruct and burn everything away, but to show that even death (and its avatars, the garments of skin) can be inverted and turned to glory. New Jerusalem is a city of light, a garment of death can be turned to a garment of light. Religion can be redeemed.

The Symbolic World vs. Fluid Ontology

As many have pointed out, today’s right wing movements are far from unified or ideologically coherent. The only thing that unites them is their unrelenting opposition to the Social Justice Progressive movement, who despite its internal inconsistencies, seems to have formed a stable structure, claiming numerous victories over the past century. When seeking to define the right

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