Foucauldian Frauds and Firebrands

Once in a while you get a glimpse into communities on the radical left. You notice an inflamatory post on a metal facebook page – ‘help! the white supremacy of the ownership class is threatening to destroy us’ – accompanied by a photo of something completely different – say, a monument vandalised by peaceful BLM protesters. The fairness filters get triggered and you feel the instoppable urge to reply with rage – ‘keep your activism off this page, you divisive censors!’ It doesn’t take long until you realise the commenter is an antifa mook; a young millenial who has dedicated their life to the revolution, an NPC whose only line of text includes variations of : ‘so you’re bothered by me being an antifascist, what does that make you?’ his only goal being to get as many people banned as possible, accuse them of fascism in their absence and draw the admins of the page into their political cause.

The mook’s profile and their connections offer excellent snapshots of their radical groups. Being based in Portland, London or San Francisco, they don’t care to camuflage themselves or hide under ambiguity like the radical right does. They are proud of their communities and, although their networks could be easily mapped in, say, an ethnographic essay, no one bothers to do it, since the system does not incentivise it, and dissidents like Sargon have a very short attention span.

Once you have browsed through a few dozen profiles of Portland revolutionaries, your right hemisphere starts to discern the patterns; you instantly recognise the midwit adjunct, the antifa tenured professor, the gender-fluid fresher low in verbal skills, the spiteful trans witch and so on.

Having been thus familiarised with the physiognomy of the radical left, I came across an intriguing post on a professional network that instantly raised my pattern recognition devices.

Look at that studied narcissistic Jeff Goldblum smirk. The foucauldian horn-rimmed glasses. The ‘mad scientist’ hair style accompanied by the title ‘critic and writer’. And the post says three things: unscrupulous nightcrawler, China shill and SocJus activist. Is this for real? Would AECOM hire this guy as one of their recruiters?! At least the admin of that professional network made him a moderator.

I googled his name and immediately my suspicions were confirmed. ‘Judge jails psychoanalyst conman from Camden saying ‘You’re delusional’’ is the title of a article from 07 September 2016. ‘A “cunning and deceitful” psychoanalyst who moved into a patient’s house to carry out radical therapy sessions before blackmailing and stealing from her has been jailed for three years.’ You can also easily find more details on the nature of his abuse on this page, including an audio interview with his victim of 2016. Long story short – he ticks all the boxes of which the internet right accuses the woke left – narcissism, sociopathy, greed masked as anti-capitalism, pathological mendacity and vengefulness. Having been expelled from the UK after the abuse of that poor lady, he relocated to Poland where he joined a radical pro-LGBTQ rabble rousing group. However, since predators cannot linger too long in any given location, he must have antagonised those people too, because now he is listed as living in Palermo, Italy. He begs for money from everyone he encounters; if they refuse to donate, he steals from them. Simple as.

Why is this anecdotal case relevant to the wider phenomenon of the radical left? Because, as all deboonker midwits intuitively realise, it points to a pattern of structural issues. Social justice ideology, intersectionality and postmodern ideas are the ideal camouflage for Mr. Cochran’s pathological tendencies. If you visit his Linkedin profile, you will find out he is a writer at ‘The Crimson Picaro’ (you google it and find out it’s a site dedicated to philosophy, pornography, aesthetics, and psychoanalysis. Motto: ‘rogues of the world, unite’). Never heard of it, but then you notice he also wrote for VICE (for 3 months and in Poland), and that he was a Communications Director at Occupy Wall Street (4 months, the absolute stretch of his predatory routine). ‘Okay okay’, you think, ‘he’s reliable, the young creative journo type, ambitious and irreverent, I get that. Oh, he was also a union organiser and LGBT-labour coordinator’. You don’t notice the bogus academic qualifications or the fact that his foucauldian book militating against the prison complex received positive reviews only from himself and his alter ego, who is also supposed to be his boyfriend – sometimes an angel, other times an abusive partner, depending on what serves Cochran’s interests at any particular time.

You notice how all his bogus qualifications and his activism JUSTIFY his own abuse? He went to jail for three years, but it was only because of his self-sacrificing and relentless pedophile advocacy and because he’s against the prison industrial complex. THE MAN got to him! And while in jail, he offered free ‘radical existential psychoanalytic sessions’ to pedo convicts, helping them come to terms with their complicated sexuality. In reality, he was jailed for theft, fraud and blackmail, all in relation to the poor lady he preyed upon. Did the judge tell the jury that ‘Rogues College in small town Oregon seems to have given him notions of his own capacities that are delusional’? That’s just because the patriarchal prison system refuses to acknolwdge the credentials of young anti-capitalists like himself. Did the judge further comment that ‘he’s talked himself into thinking that by reading Jean Paul Sartre and Heidegger he can form a basis to give therapy’ and labelled it ‘delusional? That’s because THE MAN pathologises minorities and doesn’t want them to receive TRUE existential psychotherapy from a ‘nihologist’ like himself. Did they accuse him of theft? Have you not read Lenin’s view of thieves as key elements of the revolution against this injust economic system?! His justifications are tailored to the woke religion and it is incredibly easy to make its practitioners buy them wholeheartedly.

And indeed they have. He has a moderate following on Twitter. He managed to trick the admins of a professional architecture network into making him a moderator; they recorded podcasts with him. His baity posts can now intensify: he lists his pronouns on international pronouns day. He celebrates black history month, indigenous peoples’ day. He advises employers to ‘make sure your recruitment processes scrupulously attend to the fact that a more diverse and inclusive workplace is more productive, more creative and more engaged/ing’. Parasitising these subversive notions is a safe disguise for every sociopath, because you will never be able to question his integrity without simultaneously calling these notions into question.

Here’s today’s red pill: are you starting to realise that intersectionality and SocJus notions are in themselves parasitical bits of malware? That the way in which this Cochran fellow infiltrates groups and rises to prominence, is the standard Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’? That the managerial elite, the ‘weirdest of the WEIRD demographic’, ‘anywheres’ or however you choose to label them, ARE to some degree similar to Cochran? Immature manchildren, unable to focus seriously on any given topic, in possession of a dubious porn database, unable to pull out a nofap for 3 straight days? Addicted to positive reinforcement through Twitter, rating and organic growth? Nightcrawlers par excellence.

There is no thriving in Clownworld. Some of these influencers might last far longer than Cochran without exposing their predatory nature; they could last decades on an online forum, carrying on their slow but systematic erosion of norms and moral capital; it still ends up in chaos and confusion eventually. The bio-leninist tendencies of Progressivism have passed a certain threshold; it has become almost impossible to filter out deranged predatory individuals. The movement will either implode in a clusterfuck of destructive in-fighting, or drag the entire Western world into it before that. Let’s see what happens on November the 3rd, now get out!

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