Our Lady of the Web

Our lady of the desiccants, of dryness, tidiness, warmth and safeness,
Our lady of teetotallers, hypochondriacs, disabled and dissenters.
Our lady of planning and sterility, of choice and infertility
Who calculates all things, who disinfects all things
Who decontaminates and deconstructs all things
Who scoffs at all things.
Our lady of the Menopause.

Our lady of relationships – radical, personal, equitable
Undiluted, unmediated, concrete, complete and definite.
Of dating without courting,
Of courting without binding.
Our lady of praise.
Of praising without singing,
Of singing without dancing,
Of dancing without partaking.

Our lady of the naming and categorising, of mapping and systematising,
Of doubting, of negating, collecting and dissolving.
Our lady of shrinking, of fearing and recoiling,
Of distrusting and demystifying, exposing and ironising.

Our lady of augmenting and manipulating,
Of radically improooving and already developing.
Our lady of comfort, of prediction, of certainty and inhibition
Opening the heavenly gates, nobody waits, nobody contemplates,
Colliding all minds, confiding her plans, locking all tenants inside.
Our ethereal lady of transcending boundaries,
Harvesting heads, discarding bodies.
Of churning and churning and never returning.
Our lady of turning in the widening gyre
And surely of the Second Coming.

Our lady of beyond despair
All my hate for you burns strong
You shall not desert me.

The sense of betrayal – why dissidents must stop being ‘anti-Establishment’
Tonight, Tonight


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