Silicon Age Renegade

Nerds, so treasured by the middle brow denizens who occupy the cities and want to think that, well, at least they are smart and deserve RESPECT, are people who possess a type of self-destructive parody of intelligence. Their ability to entertain pointless concepts and abstractions make them believe they have insights into real things when all they have is a misunderstanding of words and grammar, over-generalised to the point of meaninglessness. Simple folks confuse a facility with words for real intellect.

The attempt to copy life through algorithms, the brute force of trial and error, will never create either life or ‘consciousness’ – what would such a machine be ‘conscious’ of? but just that, an imitation or parody of the run-of-the-mill human intellect. A mirror and exultation of the false intellect of the nerd, never leaving the stream of words, syllogisms, motivations and desire, always forced and contrived by it being under the pressure of some petty need. And it is quite grotesque.

It is as if the girl that’s the object of you desire dies tragically, and by using Big Magick you re-animate her body, add makeup, reteach this zombie to speak, condition her to mimic all of her prior habits, constrain her as if you would constrain a pigeon to behave in the ways you remember and that you enjoyed. Ultimately, she is just a re-animated live-action doll, and this image is grotesque. This is what “AI” really is. A fantasy of power of the conglomerate of biological interests uniting the nerds, the intellect of ‘reason’ – the coalition that believes in empty words. AI is the Golem of those who cannot stand life. Their true Messiah and their revenge.

Joker (2019) – The End of Psychological Horror
Await further instructions (2018)


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