Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2018)

Another Oscar-nominated little piece of propaganda from 2018. Although based on a real case, it was adapted to conform to all the requirements of contemporary Pravda: the father of the real victim was portrayed by a strong female character; the policemen are all misogynistic racist homophobic ableist pigs; almost every line of the police chief or his underlings is conceived to provoke revulsion and anger; just like those of the chief inspector in Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Shape of Water’. Under the thin crust of toughness and machismo, all policemen hide the insecurities and incompetence of inner incels. Except for the new African American director.

All black guys are obviously good guys; it’s enough to see them in the first scene and you know the drill; Dinklage, the midget, is a spotless character, always ready to help those in need. The female protagonist has masculine traits, she’s a tough motherfucker who kicks men right in the face; towards the end she goes full Antifa and burns down the police station. Fortunately, she is saved by the midget and no one investigates the situation.

I was curious to see reviews of this flick and was shocked to see viewers expressing outrage over the fact that Dixon, the racist homophobic incel policeman (played by Sam Rockwell) eventually repented and became a male ally. It seems the public would have enjoyed it more if the guy had blown his brains out or had died from the burns after his acident. ‘This is the one where the kid* dies. Always a plus in a movie’ – is actually one of Dixon’s lines. Prophetic.

*he actually says ‘little girl’.

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